Übersetzungen medizintechnik

Übersetzer mit u.a. entsprechendem Fachgebiet, Proofreading wie Rechtschreibprüfung. Ohne QA … Verwendungszweck: Intern zu Informationszwecken kostengünstigste Übersetzungsvariante als Informationshilfe

Basic Plus (inkl QRD)

Übersetzungen medizintechnik

Medizinischer oder pharmazeutischer Fachübersetzer Abschließender QA Check durch Projektmanager Verwendungszweck: Intern zur Weiterverarbeitung Die Übersetzung wird durch Etablierung einer unternehmensinternen Sicherheitskontrolle (externer Expert oder Landesniederlassung) nach Vorgaben Ihres Unternehmens qualifiziert. Bei dieser Variante liefert der Dienstleister einen Teilprozess Ihrer Übersetzung (max 60 -70%, teilweise mehr, teilweise weniger) , das Unternehmen behält sich das Recht vor, über die Qualität die letzte Entscheidung zu treffen.

Advanced - DIN 17100

Übersetzungen medizintechnik

Medizinischer Fachübersetzer/Fachexperte übersetzt … Revision/Review nach DIN EN ISO 17100 + Finalisierung durch Fachexperten Abschließender Quality Check auf Vollständigkeit… Verwendungszweck: zur Veröffentlichung Terminologie etc. Abgleich


Übersetzungen medizintechnik

Healthcare Standard Medizinischer Fachübersetzer/Fachexperte übersetzt … Anschließend erfolgt ein Quality Check auf Vollständigkeit… Revision/Review (fachlich) nach DIN EN ISO 17100 + Finalisierung durch Fachexperten Spezieller Quality Check …. (Beschreibung..)

Machine Translation

Übersetzungen medizintechnik

Übersetzer mit u.a. entsprechendem Fachgebiet, Proofreading wie Rechtschreibprüfung. Ohne QA … Verwendungszweck: Intern zu Informationszwecken kostengünstigste Übersetzungsvariante als Informationshilfe

International communication – professional and customised


  • Inspections
  • Business negotiations and legal proceedings
  • Business communication
  • International travel and conferences
  • Congresses
  • Live interviews
  • Trade fairs
  • Press conferences
  • Training of international staff or customers
  • Seminars
  • Symposia / meetings


at which one or more working languages are required, as a linguistic mediator between different cultures.


Special requirements for interpreters

    The role of the interpreter extends far beyond purely reproducing the spoken word: they do not simply translate but also convey ways of thinking.

We organise and coordinate interpreting assignments in:

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Asia


wherever and whenever you need an expert and reliable partner for your meetings or negotiations. Targeted incorporation of interpreters into your specialist area and into the type of event ensures linguistic and intercultural proficiency.

Local resources – lower costs

Through our international network of interpreters experienced in the healthcare and life sciences sectors we can often access local resources and can thus keep the costs associated with interpreting assignments low.

Linguistic and technical planning - organisation and coordination


Consecutive interpreting
Consecutive interpreters translate or communicate alternating with the speaker. The consecutive interpreter writes down what the speaker says and reproduces it in context in the language of those present. Switching between the speaker, the audience and the interpreter is done at short intervals. With consecutive interpreting, two to no more than three languages can be spoken. For interpreting in small groups such as for business negotiations, speeches

Simultaneous interpreting
Simultaneous interpreters translate or render speeches in parallel with the speaker. The simultaneous interpreter sits in a sound-proof booth with simultaneous interpreting equipment, listens via headphones to what the speaker says and translates it simultaneously into the language of those present, who in turn are connected to the interpreter by headphones. With simultaneous interpreting, two or more languages can be spoken. For interpreting at large events such as congresses, press conferences and discussions with any number of participants. This requires teamwork between two simultaneous interpreters in one booth who are concentrating at the highest level.

Negotiation interpreting
On a very small scale, shorter sections of a speech are subsequently translated into another language with no technical support (interpreting equipment or whisper sets). Unlike consecutive interpreting, the interpreting is done without any note-taking technology and is more spontaneous.

Whisper interpreting
Whisper interpreters translate or render simultaneously in a whisper. This is usually done without any technology or only with the help of a mobile whisper set. During whisper interpreting the interpreter sits next to the listener and interprets what the speaker says as whispers into the ear of the listener. This type of interpreting is often used for private discussions between two individuals using two languages but is also suitable for a small audience if technology is used.

Interpreting at teleconferences
If face-to-face communication is not possible, a teleconference is an option. Either simultaneous or consecutive interpreting can be used for teleconferences.


  • Installation of interpreter booths
  • Mobile interpreting equipment (wireless voting and interaction systems)
  • Public address systems and microphone technology
  • Projection technology
  • Video technology
  • Personal guide systems (wireless RF microphone + headphones)
  • Video transmission and recording
  • Other technical audio and video equipment
  • Sound recording
  • On-site technical service


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