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Why mpü?

The company was founded by Heidi Schmid in 1977. Her motive was that she felt that the technical translations available on the market were very much insufficient. 

Her demand for technically correct and linguistically flawless translations has developed along with the company over time and was always our highest objective. This demand has now been passed on to me as the second generation. mpü will continue to measure itself against this yardstick under my leadership.

To briefly answer the question of “Why mpü?”:
Because of my high demands!

The language service provider market is large and confusing. It is very difficult to find reliable assessments of the translation agencies. 

The prices are also confusing: hourly rates instead of prices per units, checks and reviews that at first glance appear to be excessive. 

Why should mpü be included in your shortlist?

  • First of all, mpü isn’t just a translation provider offering translations that “include medical translations”. We exclusively offer translations for customers in the subject areas of medicine and pharmaceuticals.
  • This means that the mpü project managers know what you mean when you are planning an IFU or a PL. They also know that it shouldn’t just be translated like the advert for a travel agency that may also be in the inbox of other service providers. 
  • mpü has specialised in medical and pharmaceutical translations for over 45 years.
  • Our approach at mpü is to involve subject experts and scientists in the translation process in addition to the language experts.

    This became the basis of mpü’s success.
  • Here at mpü, we 
    • know the mistakes that are often made  
    • know what auditors and authorities are checking for
    • know that format your fully translated document can have.

At mpü we watch out for all this for you.

  • The number of mpü project managers measured by revenue is one of the highest on the German market for the size of our company.

    That means the mpü project managers have more time to dedicate to you and your concerns.

    If everything runs smoothly, you may not need this level of attention, but in the past few years the deadlines have got increasingly tight and the demands in terms of both quality and technical expertise for translations have risen rapidly.

    You will come to value the support and service that your allocated project manager provides.
  • Further training for our project managers, employees, translators and subject experts is a key pillar of the mpü company philosophy. 

    This further training applies to everyone who works for mpü – definitely those who work on projects but also more generally relating to, for example, technical advancements and developments or changes to the regulations or regulatory requirements that need to be taken into account. 

    Trust mpü – our employees are up-to-date and in tune with the times.
  • We don’t call our jobs “projects” for nothing. 
    If you are faced with unexpected problems, we are there for you more quickly than other agencies.
    Your project with us at mpü is only completed when you have submitted or published the document.

    We don’t simply stop our work for you on delivery. 
  • We think a step ahead for you.
    You are not just one of many, you are not just a customer, you are our mpü customer. We know you, your products, your documents and your employees and adapt to them.

    We never just lump everything together.
  • Our demands also result in new products. 
    If a translation doesn’t meet the requirements of the mpü project manager, the translation will be checked again by the mpü project managers against the strictest of criteria. 
    Over the years, this has developed into the additional quality assurance check, which has now become a standard at mpü. 

    Believe us, you can tell the difference.

The mpü solutions and mpü products are specially and specifically tailored to the medical and pharmaceutical market and its particular requirements. 

Here at mpü, we immediately introduce adapted products when we see new challenges on the market. 

Kevin Schmid

General Manager

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