Terminology management


Term base (terminology databases)

Ongoing improvement to text quality using terminology management

Consistent corporate language ensures a uniform appearance and high recognition value for your company.

Terminology databases ensure that any terminology or corporate wording you require as well as the specialist terminology specified by the authorities can be consistently integrated into the language process and is uniformly used across all translations.

Maintaining and managing terminology is a complex process because sector-specific technical terms and precise corporate wording have become an essential component of successful international business operations and play a critical role even in the authoring process. 

Your technical editors define your company-specific terminology; we ensure that it is used in a sensible way in your translations.

During the translation process, the translation tool recognises the individual terms from the term base and the translator is required to use the suggested word.

Overall, optimal terminology management contributes to improved intelligibility and acceptance among global target groups as well as the authorities and benefits all those involved in the process through language consistency.

Trust our experience and get our advice on your terminology management.

Erdkugelausschnitt mit globalem Kommunikationsnetz

Terminology – applied

Language consistency processes

The translation database (translation memory) and the terminology database (term base) provide the basis for our language consistency processes, which are carried out, managed and monitored by our project managers. 

Only terminology that is lived and maintained leads to consistent texts and an improved translation quality in the long term.

The specialist terminology and  terminology database are updated and expanded. Reuse consequently also ensures: 

  • Consistency of the documents
  • Improved text quality 
  • Fewer rounds of corrections
  • Shorter delivery times 
  • Reduction in cost.  
Verschlüsselter Datenstrom

Our database already includes the most important company-specific terms you require.

Our services at a glance

Depending on your requirements, you can optionally choose between:

  • Advice on setting up and implementing a terminology management system

  • Creation of source-language and target-language rules, checklists, definition of style guidelines and spelling 

  • Models of the optimal approach

  • Analysis, scope and quality of terminology sources

  • Consultation on the right tools for your project

  • Term definition and classification (e.g. forbidden terms, terms that cannot be translated, MedDra, QRD terminology, etc.)

  • Terminology extraction (one or multiple languages) and clean up of potential terms

  • Translation/localisation of the terms

  • Creating/maintaining terminology databases

  • Database synchronisation with other resources

  • Web-based terminology portal so international subsidiaries can provide input

All of these terms defined in this way are included in our or your term base and make it a powerful tool for your translations.

Ongoing maintenance of your terminology – avoiding corrupt databases

Our customers trust our strict quality checks – the mpü terminology check – including feedback loops with distributors and subsidiaries. In this way, deviations can be identified across multiple departments.

If incorrect customer corrections make their way into translation memories, this often leads to duplicated entries. This quickly also leads to inconsistent translations and over an extended period of time to corrupt databases. 

This is why in our process customer corrections are checked once again for consistency before they are imported into the translation memory. 

We would be happy to provide professional advice on your project.

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