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Face-to-face or online

Interpreting with mpü

Tailored, optimised solutions  for international interpreting services in the areas of healthcare and life sciences in all languages, whether

  • Face-to-face
  • Hybrid
  • Online.

The requirements determine whether

  • Simultaneous
  • Consecutive
  • Whispered

interpreting should be used for the event.

We are prepared for all of the desired circumstances and supplement our language service with the necessary interpreting technology. 

Quality – experience – reliability in language and technology

for the success of your project

mpü stands for the quality of the interpreting and the optimal selection of the interpreters.

Our international network of certified interpreters with technical experience guarantees the professional and reliable implementation of your project worldwide.

Our native-speaker interpreters are certified in the source and target language and have sound training, extensive expertise and many years of experience in their special subject area.

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Based on your requirements, our experienced mpü project management team

for interpreting services

  • set up the right process for your interpreting project,
  • create briefings, guidelines and FAQs,
  • choose qualified interpreters and
  • coordinate the entire procedure, including the necessary interpreting technology.

Targeted preparation for the use of qualified interpreters 

Through the targeted incorporation of interpreters into the desired subject area both through independent research and using the material provided by you, the

  • linguistic,
  • technical and
  • intercultural skills are achieved.

In this way, we ensure that the interpreting process is professional and achieve a high-quality interpreting service.

Global service  

It doesn’t matter where and when you plan to use our certified and skilled interpreters, they will be available for you on site or online/remote. Anywhere in the world!

Dolmetschen weltweit

Whether it’s in front of the monitor or in a conference room – wherever you need us!

The ideal solution

Face-to-face or online event – the right type of interpreting for every environment

To ensure that we support communication as well as possible in every situation, there are various types of interpreting and interpreting technologies:

  • Conference interpreting at international conferences or conventions and conferences
  • Negotiation interpreting for business discussions and court or contract negotiations
  • Remote interpreting for telephone, Skype or video conferences, e-meetings, online sessions, online training sessions, virtual contract negotiations, webinars, video calls
  • Escort interpreting, for example on factory tours, at trade fairs, general tours and events or doctor and hospital visits

We have the right solution for
any international company communication

  • International conferences, symposia, meetings, congresses
  • Business communication or discussions
  • Business and court negotiations
  • Press conferences
  • Trade fairs
  • Technical seminars
  • Factory tours, general tours, inspections, audits
  • Company events and meetings
  • Training of international staff or customers
  • Presentations
  • Travel guides
  • Lectures
  • Live interviews, for example on television
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Hearing – understanding –
translating – speaking in
real time

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is an extremely high quality of interpreting service that is mostly used for multilingual events with multiple participants such as

  • Conferences, 
  • Symposia, 
  • Congresses, 
  • Seminars, 
  • Press meetings etc.

The interpreters interpret simultaneously, in other words in parallel to the presentation of the speech or the discussion with no time lag.

Simultaneous interpreters mostly work in teams of two in a sound-insulated interpreting booths with specific simultaneous interpreting equipment.

Whisper interpreting

With whisper interpreting, the interpreter sits immediately adjacent to the listener and whispers the explanations simultaneously into their ear in the target language. This method is often used

  • for discussions between two people with no technical aids or 
  • in a small group of people with mobile whispering equipment

Relay interpreting – simultaneously into a third language

One interpreter first interprets into a common languages such as English or German, and the other interpreters then interpret into other target languages on the basis of that. EN/DE is then referred to as the relay language.

The role of the interpreter extends far beyond purely reproducing the spoken word: they do not simply translate but also convey ways of thinking, including what is meant between the lines. A good simultaneous interpreter therefore not only has an excellent command of both languages but is also an outstanding speaker who can pick things up quickly, has broad general knowledge and exceptional intercultural competence.

Consecutive interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter records the information in the one language, writing down what the speaker is saying during the speech using a special note-taking technique and then repeats it consecutively, in other words with a time delay.

Consecutive interpreting is an option for

  • festive events, 
  • project discussions, 
  • shorter speeches or 
  • smaller-scale technical discussions, 

and when the goal is to avoid technical expenses.

With consecutive interpreting, two to no more than three languages can be spoken. 

Since this type of interpreting doubles the speaking time, a significantly longer event duration needs to be assumed.

Remote Interpreting (RI)

Remote Interpreting (RI)

Lots of international companies are replacing their face-to-face events with  virtual events or organising hybrid events that enable virtual participation in a face-to-face event, for example.

Remote interpreting is therefore increasingly being used and saves both time and costs for the company, the participants and the interpreters, and it is also a more sustainable way of working.

Remote Interpreting RI = Distance Interpreting (DI)


  • Online simultaneous interpreting =
  • Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)


  • Online consecutive interpreting =
  • Remote Consecutive Interpreting (RCI)

Video interpreting

  • Interpreting at video conferences =
  • Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) 

is suitable for multilingual events with any number of participants.

The interpreters are physically distant from the event location and the participants are connected live in a team in professionally equipped interpreting booths (remote hub).

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Video interpreting can quickly be organised virtually as a flexible alternative via a video or internet connection for

  • Video conferences 
  • Online meetings/e-meetings/business meetings 
  • Virtual negotiations 
  • Webinars/online training sessions 
  • Launch meetings 
  • Trade fairs 
  • Video calls

 in all language configurations even without a remote hub.

Interpreting technology

Remote hub

Interpreting with a remote hub

High-quality interpreting over a period of several hours and where applicable several languages requires 

  • a powerful IT network, 
  • professional interpreting technology and 
  • expert support from a technician. 

Remote hubs (interpreting studios) are technology studios specialised in remote interpreting, and they offer all of this. They provide the interpreting technology needed for simultaneous interpreting, with booths, interpreting consoles and screens. 

The technician also supports the technical connection to the online or face-to-face event so the interpreter can concentrate fully on interpreting. This is the way to achieve the best possible interpreting performance.

Interpreting without a remote hub/via interpreting channels 

There are also platforms for video conferences that have integrated interpreting channels, such as Kudo, Interaction, Zoom (with the interpreting feature), etc. 

Here the interpreting is also done in an interpreting studio, and the simultaneous interpreting is fed into the interpreting channels and selected by the participants in their desired language directly in the software.

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