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In recent years, the competence of a language service provider has evolved from simply managing vendors to becoming a “one-stop shop” for all services before and after the actual translation.

The multitude of document management systems used by our customers increasingly leads to individually defined translation processes for our customers.

It is therefore all the more understandable that in this increasingly complex work environment, competence is defined by our project managers. Their skills must go beyond excellent linguistic skills.

In a nutshell, the quality of our customers’ consulting and the handling of their challenges stands and falls with the project manager. For this reason, we at mpü attach great importance to the selection of project managers and also their grouping in our various teams.

Our highly qualified and highly motivated team of 

  • Qualified translators 
  • Linguists and translation scientists  
  • Scientists 
  • Terminologists
  • IT experts and
  • Management scientists

is ready and waiting for your projects.

You know this from everyday life, some colleagues are preferred in the cooperation, because they work particularly fast, efficiently and reliably. We want to be that colleague for you with our customer teams. However, our teams must also function perfectly internally and be attuned to each other. We meet this challenge through regular and open individual or team discussions in order to be able to react to changes at customers, but also within the team.

As you know, when working together on a daily basis, all is not always well, but we are happy to have such a harmonious and interlocking project management team at the heart of our company. Due to our low turnover, we have many experienced and competent project managers who are fully committed to your projects and requirements.

Through constant training and webinars, we not only stay up to date, but are also well informed about upcoming developments.

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Arrange an appointment with us in advance for the events that you are planning to visit so that you can easily discuss your project/intentions directly on site.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Forum MedTech Pharma –
Bayern Innovativ

30.01.2024 Nuremberg

Medtech pharma forum
Forum MedTech Pharma

ELIA – together 2024

22.02.2024 – 23.02.2024 Riga

Elia together 2024

LAB-SUPPLY Frankfurt

06.03.2024 Frankfurt
We can also provide translations by technical experts for our laboratory technology customers. The LAB-SUPPLY trade fairs offer us a good opportunity to adapt our services to the needs of the specific industry.

Labsupply logo
LAB-SUPPLY Frankfurt


15.03.2024 – 16.03.2024 München
infotage FACHDENTAL Munich is the most important trade fair for dentistry and dental technology in the region. Many exhibitors will present innovative products and premium services from the areas of dentistry, dental technology and laboratory technology.

Infotage FACHDENTAL 2024

Connecting Digital Health

09.04.2024 – 11.04.2024 Berlin
DMEA – Europe’s leading event for digital health.

DMEA 2024


09.04.2024 – 12.04.2024 Munich
For five decades, the world’s leading trade fair analytica has been your guarantee of success for the successful presentation of innovative laboratory technology and pioneering biotechnology. As the most important industry gathering, it brings together the entire spectrum of laboratory topics in industry and research.

Analytica 2024

Outsourcing in clinical trials – Europe 2024

07.05.2024 – 08.05.2024 Barcelona
Creating a collaborative environment where pharma and biotech leaders can find solutions to current challenges through innovations and partnerships

Annual outsourcing clinical trials 2024

MedtecLIVE mit T4M

18.06.2024 – 20.06.2024 Stuttgart
MedtecLIVE is the platform for the European medical technology scene and represents a central meeting point for suppliers to the medical technology industry and their users and customers.

Medteclive 2024

International Congress of German Ophthalmic Surgery

20.06.2024 – 22.06.2024 Nuremberg

The 36th International Congress of German Ophthalmic Surgery (DOC) will take place from 20-22 June 2024 in Nuremberg. Leading experts will present innovations and further developments and discuss the gold standards of eye surgery with the audience.

DOC 2024 digital Banner 2560x800.indd

CPHI Milan

08.10.2024 – 10.10.2024 Milan
The CPHI creates connections and stimulates partnerships in the global pharmaceutical industry. At our in-person and online events, we champion innovation at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry and open up countless opportunities for you. Our powerful digital solutions help you stay connected to your industry every step of the way.

Cphi logo rgb milan colour


18.10.2024 – 19.10.2024 Munich
infotage FACHDENTAL Munich is the most important trade fair for dentistry and dental technology in the region. Many exhibitors will present innovative products and premium services from the areas of dentistry, dental technology and laboratory technology.

Infotage FACHDENTAL 2024 2

DKOU 2024

22.10.2024 – 25.10.2024 Berlin
Under the motto “Wanting the future. Making the future.”, participants at the DKOU 2024 can expect numerous sessions and discussion panels with international experts who will present the latest findings from research, care and professional policy in the field of orthopaedics and trauma surgery.

DKOU 2024 Logo FB

Translating Europe Forum Brussels

06.11.2024 – 08.11.2024 Brussels
The event is organised by the European Parliament. The latest trends and innovations in the industry are less of a focus here. The aim is to discuss all significant changes of the past year in an open setting. Not only LSPs are represented here, but also freelancers, interpreters, translation departments and state institutions.

Translating europe forum 2024

MEDICA + Compamed 2024

01.11.2024 – 14.11.2024 Düsseldorf
The world’s largest trade fair for medical technology is a good opportunity for mpü to meet international customers and find out about the latest trends on the global market.

Medica logo cmyk
MEDICA 2024 Düsseldorf

Past events:

Ethical Business Summit

to be announced

EUATC logo
Ethical Business Summit


13.11.2023 – 16.11.2023 Düsseldorf
The world’s largest trade fair for medical technology is a good opportunity for mpü to meet international customers and find out about the latest trends on the global market.

Medica logo cmyk
MEDICA 2023 Düsseldorf

Translating Europe Forum Brussels

08.11.2023 – 10.11.2023 Brussels
The event is organised by the European Parliament. It focuses less on the latest trends and innovations in the industry. The goal is to discuss the significant changes of the past year in an open setting. Not only LSPs are represented here, but also freelancers, interpreters, translation departments and state institutions.

Translating europe forum 1024x572 1
Translating Europe Forum Brussels

DKOU Berlin

24.10.2023 – 27.10.2023 Berlin
mpü has a large number of customers from the field of orthopaedics. The German Congress for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery is a good opportunity to connect with our customers and experience the event together with them.

DKOU23 SocialMedia Beitrag 1024x1024 1
DKOU 2023 Berlin

EUATC Ethical Business Summit London

21.09.2023 – 22.09.2023 London
The European umbrella organisation for translation agencies has taken its trade fair concept from the old T-Update concept into the future. To demonstrate its unity with the English ATA, the series will have its premiere in London.

EUATC logo
Ethical Business Summit London


28.03.2023 Dresden
We can also offer our customers translations by experts in the field of laboratory technology. The LAB-SUPPLY trade fairs offer us a good opportunity to adapt our services to the needs of the specific industry.

Labsupply logo

Medtec LIVE with T4M

23.05.2023 – 25.05.2023 Nuremberg
From May 23-25, 2023, the industry will meet at MedtecLIVE with T4M in Nuremberg to present the latest and most innovative products and solutions in the area of medical technology.

MTL 23 Banner stat 300x250px DE
Medtec LIVE with T4M in Nuremberg

IDS 2023: Dental Show – leading trade fair of the dental industry

14.03.2023 – 18.03.2023 Cologne
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the International Dental Show, mpü will visit its customers and inform interested parties.

Ids bild
IDS Cologne

DeviceMed – Regulatory Affairs Expert Talks

14.03.23 – 15.03.2023 Würzburg
At the Regulatory Affairs Expert Talks, you will meet experts who will explain the regulatory changes that are necessary based on the new regulations, what this means for individual products, and how the changes can be successfully implemented in companies.

Devicemed expert talks
DeviceMed Würzburg

HealthTech Start-up Day 2022

07.12.2022 – Regensburg
The HealthTech Start-up Day is intended to show health scientists what is necessary to bring their own research from the laboratory bench to the patient. mpü was there to ensure that the instructions for use are written in a way that is suitable for translation right from the start.

HealthTech Start up

Translating Europe Forum Brussels

08.11. – 10.11.22 Brussels
Not only does the Translating Europe Forum take place in an impressive setting, the event in the EU’s Charlemagne Building addresses issues of the translation market as a whole. This year the focus topic was “Accesiblity”.

Übersetzen in EU-Behörde

QSD general meeting

08.10.2022 Düsseldorf
After a longer Corona break, the QSD got together again in person for a general meeting.

Qsd logo

QSD Workshop Agile Working & Scrum

07.10.2022 Düsseldorf
The term “Agile” is now popping up everywhere. But what is agile working and scrum? Why is it the future of teamwork and yet again not all we will see in the future? These were the questions addressed in the workshop: agile working, scrum etc. – What is behind it?

Qsd logo

DeviceMed – Regulatory Affairs Expert Talks

15.03.2022 Würzburg
Product compliance and liability under MDR, IVDR and MPDR

Devicemed expert talks
Windkraftanlagen (unsplash)


Sustainability for the environment, the industry and our customers

The biggest step towards sustainability in the translation industry probably happened back in 1995 with the emergence of commercial Internet. Sending documents by email instead of by mail represents one of the most important steps toward sustainability. With the increasing digitisation, other best practices have now also proven to be effective in meeting our responsibility to nature, at least within the realm of the possible.

Within our organisation

Paperless office

Like most paperless offices, we still have printers, but avoid printouts whenever possible and only use them for communication with German authorities.

Waste separation and recyclable coffee capsule

In order to serve the coffee needs in an uncomplicated way, we have switched to a practical yet environmentally friendly alternative.

Remote work

Through regular and employer-supported remote work, our employees do not need to commute to the office every day. Especially for longer distances, this significantly reduces the ecological footprint.

Carbon footprint while travelling

When travelling to customers, events, and trade fairs, we always pay attention to our footprint and almost exclusively travel by train. In this way, we reach most of our customers in the DACH region in an almost CO²-neutral manner.

CSR together with Support Ulm e.V.

Through our location and the cooperation with the local university hospitals, we became aware of the projects of this non-profit association.
The association organises many actions which directly help the affected people, e.g.:

  • a book on the medicine of the San (indigenous bushmen in Namibia) was supplemented with practical modern health prevention measures.
  • The book was then printed and distributed in the local language.
  • Medical personnel were trained in Namibia and inter alia linguistically prepared for their work in Germany.

Sustainability in the corporate environment

Glas mit Blatt und Laptop

It is important for the industry and for mpü as a company to operate in a way that our business model can continue to function in the future with all its supply chains.

As president of the Qualitätssprachdienste Deutschlands (QSD) and through his involvement in the European umbrella organisation European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC), the mpü general manager sees with concern that this is unfortunately not the case.

Falling prices, mostly enforced by customers rather than price wars among translation agencies or freelance translators, have created an environment in which many young people are deciding against a career in the language industry. The migration to the technology industry makes the labour shortage in the area of language services even more noticeable.

Without a clear outlook for the future, in which translation prices are adjusted to economic realities, in which a master’s degree in linguistics becomes worthwhile again, we will not be able to cope with the demand of this stable and rapidly growing market. mpü tries to counteract this fact in several ways.

Fair pay for translators

Our translators work in an environment that puts them at the bottom of the food chain. It is our responsibility to ensure that our service providers can continue to make a living from their profession in the future.

For our customers, there is also another, often neglected factor. Because in the end, a
word price is just a unit of time. Translators must use their daily working time as
profitably as possible. So it’s no surprise that a translator paid a 30% lower
word price also allocates a third less time for the translation. We want to give our
translators the time to get to grips with the text and its reference material,
to ensure the best possible result for you.
For this reason, we try to keep word prices of our freelancers at a fair level and cooperate with the Fairwork studies of the DVÜD.

Promoting the profession of a translator and project manager in the translation industry

Many initiatives in recent years have started within the area of the studies of linguistics to get students more excited about the profession. mpü does its utmost to support the universities of Würzburg, Mainz (Germersheim), Heidelberg and Augsburg with internships and the employment of graduates.

But not just in studies. Together with the LIND Group, we help to raise awareness of the profession of a linguist already in the upper grades of schools at a European level.

Women’s quota and promotion

Courses of linguistic studies have a high proportion of women, so it is not
surprising that our team consists almost entirely of female project managers.
To ensure that children and career are easily compatible, we offer our employees completely flexible
models after their parental leave. This way, everyone can determine individually how many working hours per day are satisfying and how many are stressful.

Netz aus Stahldrähten



memoQ is our preferred CAT software that allows us to work faster and more efficiently. Our “memoQ Server” allows us to implement an end-to-end digital workflow and “memoQ translator pro/project manager” improves the translation of texts through the use of terminology databases, translation memories and other features.

Memoq logo


Plunet Manager (a translation management system) ensures that translation processes in our company are centrally controlled and automated. It also enables our project managers to plan, manage and monitor all of their translation projects. In addition, the included customer portal is a pillar in our communication with customers and translators. This significantly increases our productivity, especially for large and complex translation projects.

Plunet logo

SDL Trados

Along with the CAT tool “SDL Trados Studio”, “SDL Trados Passolo” is an indispensable key for effective software localisation of many projects.

SDL Trados Studio 2017

DeepL Pro

Our CAT tools naturally have the ability to connect to machine translation systems on demand. DeepL Pro is a commercial version of the AI-based translation platform DeepL. It supports a wide range of languages and provides high translation accuracy by using the latest artificial intelligence technologies.

Logo DeepL Pro


QSD – International language services „Made in Germany“. QSD, Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschlands e.V., is an association of medium-sized German companies in the language services industry. One of the association’s goals is to educate and provide guidance on the factor “quality” in the confusing translation market. QSD members are committed to quality and quality assurance because the international success of a company can depend on the quality of its translation services.

Qsd logo


EUATC gives language service providers a unified voice and promotes the highest quality standards and business practices for translation companies. THE TASK of the EUATC is to provide a unified platform for the national language service provider associations in Europe.


Forum MedTech Pharma e.V.

Forum MedTech Pharma brings together diverse, interdisciplinary expertise from business, science and application. With its members, it picks up on innovative and forward-looking trends, promotes cooperation at eye level and drives knowledge exchange.

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