Medical technology

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Translation solutions for medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics

Regulatory compliance, safe use and linguistic clarity for patients and users

The mpü language solution specialising in challenging translations and an effective translation process from the preparation phase, through to registration and clinical evaluation and on to market launch.

We guide your documentation throughout the whole product life cycle in all subject areas of

  • Medical technology
  • Dental technology
  • Laboratory technology
  • In-vitro diagnostics

mpü – more than translations

Experienced and certified native-speaker subject-matter experts and technical translators from the relevant specialist areas of medical devices, dental technology, laboratory technology and in-vitro diagnostics work in the target countries for you. Our services are:


Every document is processed by subject-matter experts according to its purpose and target group.  


Using strictly defined, multi-stage quality standards, we safeguard project outcomes starting from electronic checks to the expert review or regulatory reviews and adaptations.


As a benefit, our customers have the option to use our med tech experts on the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) journey, for example with the creation, adaptation or conversion of the documents from technical documentation, product information, etc.


Streamlined processes for the best solutions. Customer-specific workflows increase the text quality and minimise costs and the time needed. An all-in-one service consisting of DTP, process management, technology management and language efficiently rounds off the workflow. We reduce the work you need to do internally.

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We don’t compromise on quality

Adaptation of the product information for medical devices/
in-vitro diagnostics to the new MDR/IVDR requirements

Instructions for use (IFUs)

According to the new Regulations (EU) 2017/745 (MDR) and (EU) 2017/746 (IVDR), the “Instructions for Use (IFU) are of paramount importance because they have to be submitted as part of the technical documentation (product files) to the notified body or respective authority for registration.

The approved product information (IFUs) must be available to users in the respective EU languages.

  • We review your IFUs.
  • We adapt them to the new regulations.
  • We translate them into any languages.

These linguistic impacts demonstrate the important role that professional translations play in adapting to the new EU regulations of the MDR and IVDR.

The mpü experts know all the new requirements and will support you in adapting your documents to meet the new rules.
We would be happy to advise you in detail on this current topic. | +49 (0)731 954 950

Your products and documents in the best hands

Rely on our expertise in all technical disciplines and product groups for an individual implementation of your project. 

Our experienced ‘medical technology’ project team has the expertise and the resources to prepare high-quality translations with the highest level of care even when the delivery deadlines are tight.


mpü is certified according to EN DIN ISO 9001 for a smooth process and according to DIN EN ISO 17100 for reliable quality assurance for all translations to ensure the quality that your exacting documentation requires.


Your personal and expert mpü contact is your constant guide for all projects and issues.

Conscientious commitment within a partnership takes priority at mpü for the best implementation of your requests and orders. Transparent processes support the trusting collaboration with mpü.

Areas of expertise
  • Orthopaedics 
  • Cardiology
  • Gynaecology
  • Surgery 
  • Implantology 
  • Dentistry
  • Ophthalmology
  • Traumatology
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Diagnostics
  • Endoscopy
  • Radiology
  • etc.
Examples of products and product groups

Class I

  • Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Hospital beds
  • Support stockings
  • Mouth and nose protection
  • Reusable surgical instruments
  • Surgical textiles

Class IIa

  • Dental materials
  • Disinfectants (for instruments and equipment)
  • Diagnostic ultrasound devices
  • Disposable syringes
  • Hearing aids
  • Contact lenses
  • PACS
  • Tracheal tubes
  • Dental crowns

Class IIb

  • Anaesthesia machines
  • Ventilators
  • Irradiation devices
  • Blood bags
  • Defibrillators
  • Apheresis equipment
  • Dialysis machines
  • Condoms
  • Contact lens solution
  • Dental implants
  • Cleaning and disinfection machines
  • Infusion equipment
  • Medical gas systems

Class III

  • Cardiac catheters
  • Artificial hip, knee and shoulder joints
  • Stents
  • Absorbable surgical sutures
  • Intrauterine pessary, contraceptive coils
  • Breast implants

The classification indicated here is subject to categorisation by the authorities in the individual case.

Types of documents from A to Z

Depending on the type of document, the translation process is specifically adjusted and implemented taking into account quality and time management. 

Common types of document include, for example:

Technical documentation with product information

  • Instructions for use (IFUs)
  • Operating instructions (surgical instructions, infusion and transfusion instructions, etc.)
  • Device descriptions and handbooks (e.g. analytical devices, x-ray machines, dialysis machines, monitoring)
  • Online help, online manuals
  • Software incl. software documentation, mobile apps
  • Product specifications
  • Technical data sheets
  • Safety data sheets


  • Printing and writing on packaging, containers, devices, controls and screens (e.g. graphics, symbols, text)
  • Labels


  • Flyers, booklets, brochures, posters, promotional gifts
  • Advertisements
  • Product monographs
  • Catalogues
  • Websites
  • Trade fair materials (e.g. roll-ups)
  • Video scripts, film scripts

Business communication/QMA/other internal documents 

  • Publications (journals, press releases, etc.)
  • Scientific reports
  • Business reports
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Registration documents and forms
  • Documentation of the quality management incl. any QM systems
  • Conformity declarations
  • Construction plans and calculations, production procedures
  • Technical testing
  • Case studies
  • Patient questionnaires
  • Medical reports and expert opinions
  • Training modules, e-learning

Legal matters / standards / certificates

  • Commercial register extracts
  • QM certificates
  • CE certificates
  • Applied technical standards
  • Contracts
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We support your company as well as possible at all times
and find the right project manager from our team    

Registration and clinical evaluation of your MDs and IVDs

Translation solutions for successful market access

Thanks to the extensive range of services for medical technology translations from mpü, we achieve the result you are looking for.

We offer

  • Tailored solutions
  • Assured compliance with all deadlines and regulatory requirements
  • Professional handling of the specialist terminology
  • Effective and cost-reducing quality assurance measures
  • The latest technical expertise
  • Translation into all 24 official EU languages
  • Adaptation to customer-specific requirements.

In all languages quickly and safely in your target market

The product information and labels are required in the national language of the EU Member State where the product is to be marketed.

As part of the product files (device master file, technical file or simply just TechDoc), the product information leaflets and labelling refer to the identification, the technical description and the use of the medical device or in vitro diagnostic medical device.

In other words, they therefore include all of the written, printed or graphical information (per the MDR/IVDR requirements) about the device.

The right target language for every target market

The notified bodies’ language list shows the languages which are mandatory for the product information and labelling in the respective country. MDEG – 2008-12 – II-6.3. Mandatory Languages Requirements for Medical Devices update Sept.08

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Precise – consistent – technically skilled

Clinical evaluations/trials

Being well prepared and translating promptly

Translations for clinical evaluations/trials and performance assessments for international registrations.

The European requirements for clinical evaluation, which is reviewed as part of the technical documentation (product file) within the conformity evaluation procedure for medical devices, call for ever more comprehensive clinical data under the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

Depending on the class and degree of innovation of the medical device, it is to be expected that the notified body will also want to check the documents that are referenced in the clinical evaluation/trial (e.g. technical documentation, audit reports, evaluation reports and control reports) in all official languages of the target markets.

Therefore, it is recommended to translate all referenced documents into the official language(s) of the Member State in question so as to have them available in case of any queries.

These may for example include excerpts from the following documents

  • Trial master file (TMF),
  • Clinical investigational plan (CIP),
  • Serious adverse event (SAE/SADE) reports,
  • Post-market clinical follow-up (PMCF), etc.

ISO certified translation – for your peace of mind for clinical trials

mpü is certified according to EN DIN ISO 9001 for a smooth process and according to DIN EN ISO 17100 for reliable quality assurance for all translations. We provide the results and the quality that your exacting documentation requires.

Our translation management team for clinical evaluations and performance evaluations is focused on creating a workflow for all process steps pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 17100 that ensures the

  • Correctness
  • Legibility
  • Completeness
  • Plausibility

Multilingual DTP (foreign language typesetting) for optimal results even after the translation


Round off your translation order with our skill in multilingual DTP.

We adapt the translation to your layout requirements, take into account the linguistic expansion of the different target languages, our native speakers review the documents used and you receive your IFUs, for example, in your desired final format.


mpü organises the correction phases with the country subsidiaries, optimising the consistent translation quality across the company and shortening the workflow. There is also less internal effort for you.

Our fast response time ensures your deadline will be met

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