Translation and transcreation

You receive optimum support with our premium service for

  • Translation
  • Localisation and
  • Transcreation

of marketing materials and websites to ensure that your message is always perfectly in tune with your target group. Whether in print or online, our processes are specifically geared towards the requirements of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, have the necessary linguistic sensitivity and are focused on the relevant local target group.

Marketing translations for your product and marketing material have an enormous effect on the success of your product at an international level. They represent the image of your company and affect the way that your customers perceive your product.

Effective marketing translations can adapt your marketing message to a specific target group. Transcreation is also required here, a process in which a copywriter localises your message so that the same desired effect can be specifically achieved in a different language. Whether


  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Slogans and claims
  • Advertising and promotional material
  • Packaging
  • Catalogues
  • Press releases
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Video scripts and so on.


we help our globally active customers to spread their message further and to clarify the reputation and the image behind their brands, enabling them to tap into new target groups all while adhering to customers’ style guides and corporate language and taking into account the cultural milieu of the recipient.


    1. Translation: First draft by an experienced marketing translator
    2. Transcreation: Editing by an experienced copywriter
    3. If required, creative writing by a medical/creative writer in the target language only
    4. If required, user tests specifically of slogans and claims in the target country

    The translation is carried out in accordance with the source text ensuring technical and factual correctness. During the transcreation process, the copywriter concentrates on a fluid style, easy readability and cultural relevance so that the final version taps into the emotions of the target market.

    If required, the services of a creative writer or a user test can be employed to give a final polish or make an appropriate statement for any complicated adjustments in the target country.



  • Translation by experienced marketing translators
  • Transcreation by market-proven copywriters
  • Multilingual search engine optimised (SEO) translations of websites and web content
  • Transfer of open source files
  • Creative writing
  • Transfer from editorial systems
  • User tests in the target country
  • Revision and proofreading of translations and source texts
  • Foreign language DTP and printing