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Medical translations for the healthcare sector

mpü is one of the leading globally active companies for highly specialised medical translations and implementation of language processes in the B2B healthcare sector.

The business model of both mpü and its parent organisation orangeglobal is what makes this application-based mode of organisation with specialist and linguistic expertise possible.

mpü’s unique DNA is our trademark around the world. We want to make a critical contribution to cost effectiveness in this special area of the healthcare sector.
The requirements of this industry require an innovative and interdisciplinary business model.

With our expertise, we stand for high-end specialist and linguistic quality.

Documents and processes

We translate all different types of documents for all applications and requirements.
We create processes, operate traditional and new applications and cover the entire spectrum in accordance with the criteria in the requirements of global authorities all the way through to internationally successful marketing claims.

We have developed innovative work practices so that we can offer our customers ideal results and timing all the while meeting exacting internal standards ourselves.

Implementation of language processes – what does that mean?

We believe that a highly export-focused sector offers considerable leeway in terms of quality enhancement and cost minimisation. This is a job for a specialist and should therefore be undertaken by a company that focuses entirely on achieving this.

mpü uses an interdisciplinary approach working with orangeglobal’s Centres of Competence to ensure that documents are effectively and economically processed depending on how they will be used. At every stage of the process, our experts are mindful of high quality and efficiency while taking into account every linguistic and cultural challenge.

Transcreation and languages

Translating marketing documents is not a downstream process for us nor do we treat it as a problem to be dealt with when everything else has been figured out.

We place language at the heart of your marketing operations. This is because we believe that marketing requires the finesse of a medical or creative writer and not a 1-to-1 translation – in every language.

Advertising slogans must be adapted to the culture of your target markets - Whether something that was a good idea originally is just as effective in your target market depends entirely on how it is communicated.

Corporate innovation / technology and engineering

On request, we will review your internal language processes and jointly develop solutions that greatly exceed the usual standards of the translation and language management industry.

In addition to the standard suite of software tools, we also use new specialised tools developed in-house to ensure that sensitive sector- and customer-specific requirements are met.