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The growing demand for information and data to be available globally means that businesses are having to create, manage, translate and localise large volumes of documents and content promptly.


Within foreign language management, machine translation can now support you in achieving just that. The technology is becoming more and more robust, so the ever-growing demand for localisation can be met more efficiently

The machine translation market continues to change rapidly. This is where we come into play in making sure that your language needs are met using the most suitable product on the market today.

This means that we fully integrate machine translation into our digital workflow:

  • We supplement machine translations with existing translation memories
  • We train machine translation engines with your translation memories
  • We finalise the translation with a post-editing step.

The output of machine translation usually needs some more work to get it perfect. But it is one the most important tools we have to produce good translations more efficiently. On request and if required, we are also able to meet the same quality controls and standards for machine translation as for our human translations.

Please contact us for more information on whether machine translation might be a solution for you and your language needs.

When is machine translation the right solution?


  • Shorter turnaround times
  • Higher processing capacity and accelerated production processes
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Large volumes of similar types of text
  • Budget considerations
  • Making content accessible for information, effective decision-making or for large volumes of text
  • Secure workflow using our own CAT tool, no text is input into browsers, Google Translate, etc.

    Which machine translation engine is most suitable?


    We will determine which machine translation engine is best suited for your language pairs and content using the following process:

    • Analysis
    • Identifying your company’s objectives for specific content and language combinations
    • Consultancy
    • Pilot test
    • Selection of the right MT engine(s)
    • Integration into your existing workflows

    This is how mpü can help you select the best MT system that is most appropriate for your individual needs from a wide range of options.

    Rapid document translation producing fully editable files

    Just let us know what you need. We’d be happy to help

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    By choosing mpü, you ensure high-quality support by an international team eager to meet all your translation and language needs in a tailored and flexible manner, while adhering to specific client, domain as well as regulatory requirements.

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